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Blue Max Stainless Wire

Murex® 309LSi

AWS: ER309Si, ER309LSi

Top Features

  • Similar in composition to 309L with higher silicon content to increase puddle fluidity and improve the bead appearance
  • The higher silicon content may allow for increased travel speeds
  • Controlled ferrite content for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Excellent contour of the weld minimizes the need for grinding
  • Can be used to clad mild steel

Typical Applications

Designed for joining stainless steel to mild or low alloy steel

Welding Positions


Shielding Gas

  • Mixed Shielding Gas

Special Features

Available Types

Consumable Details

Diameter (in)
Diameter (mm)
Product Number
33 lb Steel Spool
33 lb Steel Spool
Murex 309LSi
Murex 309LSi
  • AWS A5.9/A5.9M: ER309Si, ER309LSi
  • ASME SFA-5.9: ER309Si, ER309LSi
  • ABS: ER309Si, ER309LSi
  • CWB/CSA W48-06: ER309LSi