Teacher Observer Program

We appreciate what you do, so as a welding school instructor, you are eligible to sign up for a free week of welding training. Classes are held at Lincoln Electric’s Global Headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio.* Please contact the welding school at 216-383-2259 to sign up for this program. 

Instructors will:
Choose from a variety of classes from standard to advanced courses

Participate as one of the students and take training materials with you

Learn teaching techniques from other instructors

Train on new equipment and consumable technologies


For course information visit the Lincoln Electric Welding School page

For More Info Contact:
Local Lincoln Sales Rep
Lincoln Electric Welding School: 216-383-2259
Robotics Program: 1-888-935-3878


 *Please Note: participant is responsible for his/her own transportation, protective gear, meals and accommodation expenses. Acceptance based upon class availability and your eligibility as an instructor. Limit (1) week class per year.