WeldPRO™ - Offline Robot Programming

Course Duration
The duration is 2 days. Frequency of the course is 4 times per year. Onsite training is taught on an as-requested basis.

Course Description
WeldPRO™ is FANUC® Robotics’ plug-in to the RoboGuide off-line programming tool, allowing users to simulate a robotic arc welding process in 3-D space. Driven exclusively by a FANUC® Robotics Virtual Robot Controller, WeldPRO™ is empowered with the most accurate program teaching tools and cycle time information available in any simulation package.

A user can easily navigate through WeldPro™ to create complete workcells by importing actual tooling and workpiece CAD files. Anyone familiar with programming a FANUC® robot will be able to easily create new weld paths with proper torch angles and process parameters. All programs and settings from the virtual workcell can be transferred to the real robot to decrease installation time.

The person attending must have completed the Lincoln Automation Basic Robotic Programming and System Training Course.

Main Topics

  • Software Introduction - Getting started with WeldPro™ RoboGuide Features
  • Creating Workcells - Using the Workcell Creation Wizard
  • The Cell Browser
  • End of Arm Tooling
  • Using the Navigation - Zooming, Panning and Rotating the view
  • Jogging the Robot
  • Using the Move to Quick bar - Move To Retry Function
  • Adding Objects using the Cell Browser - Selecting Objects and Using the Objects Property Page
  • Working with Fixtures
  • Working With Parts - Creating a Robot Program
  • Automatic Path Generation (CAD to Path) - Using Features and Segments
  • Running a Program
  • Using the Virtual Teach Pendant
  • Workcell Calibration
  • Building a Positioner - Building an Aux Axis and Programming a Positioner
  • Defining Coordinated Pairs - Procedure to Use Actual Robot Data
  • Using the FANUC® License Manager
  • Setting Weld Angles
  • Programming Circles



Course Fee:
$2500 at Lincoln Electric
$2500 per day on site (2 day minimum required)

2017 Course Dates:
January 25-26
April 19-20
July 19-20
November 15-16

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WeldPro Offline Robot Programming  

WeldPro Offline Robot Programming