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Welding Project: TIG Parts Storage
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TIG Parts Storage

Submitted by: Amos E. Cline

TIG Parts Storage Image 1 (click for larger view)Amos was looking for storage space beyond what's available on-board his Lincoln Electric Precision TIG® 225 welder to organize and hold TIG torch parts such as gas lens parts, insulators, collets, and tungsten electrodes. Like many other welders, he was using a kitchen utensil drawer insert for this purpose until he found something better: toothbrush travel cases.

To make the most of his discovery, Amos started by welding several pieces of square tube stock to thin angle iron.  Next, he mounted the angle iron to the side of the Precision® TIG 225 using the existing case bolts.  The toothbrush travel cases fit perfectly inside the square tubes.

For more TIG cut length consumable storage, he cut and fastened PVC pipe to the back of the understorage cart (standard with K2535-2 Ready-Pak® With Cart).

Amos said the Precision TIG® 225 is the best TIG machine he has ever used. He hopes to get even more out of the welder now that parts and pieces needed to weld with it are close at hand.

TIG Parts Storage Image 2 (click for larger view)

TIG Parts Storage Image 3 (click for larger view)

TIG Parts Storage Image 4 (click for larger view)

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