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April, 2012
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New! Flextec™ 650
Lincoln Electric Products Used in World's Only Dedicated Healthcare Convention Center
Activ8™ is One Tough Wire Feeder
Lincoln Electric Selected as Welding Equipment Supplier to Dream Machines Show 
How I Did It: Daisy Flyer
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USB Welder Guy
USB Welder image
This 4GB flash drive is more than just your ordinary memory stick. The Lincoln Electric USB Welder Guy has movable arms and legs and is outfitted with Red Line™ apparel and a VIKING™ welding helmet.
Order yours today!
iWeld Showcase
Bench Rod Oven
The new HydroGuard™ Bench Rod Oven from Lincoln Electric can be used to help protect stick electrodes from damaging moisture pickup, a major contributor to potential weld cracking and porosity.
Lincore® FROG MANG®
Lincore® FROG MANG® application image
Lincore® FROG MANG® is a self-shielded, flux-cored wire designed for repair of manganese railroad frogs and manganese crossing diamonds.
Now with improved operator appeal, this FCAW-S wire provides increased work hardening, and reduced grinding time required in railroad applications.
Key Features:
Excellent operator appeal with easy slag removal and reduced grinding time.
Unlimited layers - proper preheat/interpass temperature and procedures required.
Superior work hardenability compared to standard austenitic manganese steels.
Best-in-class feedability.
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Identifying Aluminum
Filler Metals
Learn a couple of quick ways to identify 4043 and 5356 aluminum filler metals in this short video featuring Karl Hoes, Welding School Instructor at Lincoln Electric.
Identifying Filler Metals Video (Click image to Play)
Where to See Us
Trade Show image
See firsthand the latest products and technologies from Lincoln Electric at an event near you.
Houston, Texas
April 30 - May 3, 2012
Cleveland, Ohio
May 24, 2012
Denver, Colorado
June 3 - 5, 2012

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New! Flextec™ 650
Flextec™ 650 imageThe Flextec™ 650 multi-process welder delivers up to 815 amps of welding power for a variety of applications, including construction and fabrication.
It features an IP23 rating for outdoor operation and storage, and the latest inverter technology will save you real dollars on the utility costs associated with your welding operations.
  • Flexible Multi-Process Capability
  • Compact, Durable Case
  • Standard 115 Volt Auxiliary Power
  • Full-featured Remote Control Capability
  • 100% Duty Cycle, Desert Duty® Rated
  • Base model, pre-configured packages and multi-operator racks available
Lincoln Electric Products Used in World's Only Dedicated Healthcare Convention Center
Cleveland MMCC image (click for larger image)Designed to bring buyers and sellers together, the Cleveland Medical Mart & Convention Center (Cleveland MMCC) is the world's only facility targeted specifically to the medical and healthcare industries.
Approximately 11,700 tons of steel will be used during construction of this 500,000+ square foot facility.
Lincoln Electric products being used on the project include Flextec™ 450 4-pack inverter racks and Excalibur® 8018-C3 MR stick electrodes.  Lincoln Electric is proud to play a part in the construction of the first comprehensive marketplace to combine permanent showrooms, a Class-A exhibition hall and state-of-the-art conference facilities tailored to the needs of the medical marketplace.
The Activ8™ is One Tough Wire Feeder
Activ8™ video image Take a look at the latest Lincoln Electric YouTube® channel video illustrating the rugged durability of the Activ8™ wire feeder.
We think you'll agree this is one tough feeder that can literally take a beating and live to weld another day.
Lincoln Electric Selected as Welding Equipment Supplier of Syfy’s New Reality Show, Dream Machines, from Triage Entertainment
Dream Machines image (click to view larger image)Their motto is "Dream big. Build bigger," and the Parker Brothers deliver on that promise in a big way on Dream Machines, Syfy’s new reality show.
Dream Machines follows Florida-based brothers Marc and Shanon Parker as they take the most imaginative vehicles ever seen in movies, comic books and TV shows, and engineer them into on-the-road realities. There's no design challenge too outrageous – or even impossible – for the brothers to take on, and each week they'll stop at nothing to create these one-of-a-kind "dream machines" for their vast array of celebrity and collector clients.

The show's production company, Triage Entertainment, chose Lincoln Electric as its exclusive provider of welding equipment and personal protection gear, including VIKING™ helmets and jackets, gloves, caps and safety glasses from the Lincoln Electric Red Line™ Welding Apparel line.

How I Did It: Daisy Flyer
Daisy Flyer image (click to view larger image)
Mario Zajac built this wagon for his daughter.  The "Daisy Flyer" was custom built by Mario who made good use of his Lincoln Electric Weld-Pak® 3200HD wire feeder welder (current model is Weld-Pak® 140HD) during the fabrication process.
Mario reports the 3200HD is a great machine, but he is considering an upgrade to a POWER MIG® 216.
The above project images and descriptions have been published to show how individuals used their ingenuity for their own needs, convenience and enjoyment. Only limited details are available and the projects have NOT been engineered by the Lincoln Electric Company. Therefore, when you use the ideas for projects of your own, you must develop your own details and plans and the safety and performance of your work is your responsibility.
Got Projects? Send them to us at:

Please attach JPG or GIF photos to your email. Also, don't forget to tell us the story - what you built, how you built it and what Lincoln Electric products you used!
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