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Welding Project: BBQ Smoker
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BBQ Smoker

Submitted by: Phil McGrane

Smoker Image 1 (click for larger image)In 2010, I decided to get into competition barbecue.  To be successful I needed a decent quality smoker.  I could have bought one, but where's the fun in that?  So, while attending law school I began building a smoker using my Lincoln Electric Pro-Core 100 wire feeder welder (current model is Easy-Core 125).

Since I wanted to use the MIG welding process for the project, I installed a K610-1 MIG Conversion Kit in my Pro-Core 100 [the Pro-Core 100 was configured at the factory for flux-cored welding].

After 9 months of work, the smoker was operational.  I welded until three o'clock in the morning the night before my first barbecue competition and ran out of welding wire before I was done!

The best part about building a smoker is that after each competition you can make adjustments.  Recently I made some final modifications and put on the finishing touches.

The success I have had in barbecue using my smoker would not have been possible without my Lincoln Electric welder.  Thanks for making functional and affordable products for weekend warriors like me.

Smoker Image 2 (click for larger image) Smoker Image 3 (click for larger image) Smoker Image 4 (click for larger image)
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