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NEW! Seam Tracker™
STT® Prevails in Snow, Rain and Shine at Ayrshire
Welding on Race Cars
Going Ape for Welding at the Zoo
How I Did It: Security Bars
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Large Tool Bag
Tool Bag image
This tool bag features a large main compartment with a wide zippered opening, front and back pockets with slots for various tools, detachable padded shoulder strap with metal hardware and reinforced webbed handles.

Flextec™ 650
Flextec™ 650 image
The Flextec™ 650 multi-process welder delivers up to 815 amps of welding power for a variety of applications, including construction and fabrication.
It features an IP23 rating for outdoor operation and storage and the latest inverter technology will save you real dollars on the utility costs associated with your welding operations.

The SuperGlaze® Advantage
Aluminum welding image
Lincoln Electric has superior process controls and manufacturing methods which make SuperGlaze® the premier aluminum welding wire for performance and consistency.
Additionally, Lincoln Electric is the only aluminum welding wire manufacturer in the world that has the capabilities to produce its own aluminum rod, the starting point for aluminum welding wire. This capability allows us to tightly control our wire chemistry rather than rely on third-parties to supply us whatever rod they have available.

Welding Titanium
Welding Titanium image (click to watch video)
Lincoln Electric Technical Training Consultant Dennis Klingman shares some tips on purging and welding titanium tubing in this instructional video.

Teacher Observer Program
Teacher Observer Program image (click to watch video)
As a welding school instructor, you may be eligible to sign up for one free week of welding instructions including basic robotic training.

Where to See Us
Where to see us image
Cleveland, Ohio
May 24, 2012
Denver, Colorado
June 3 - 5, 2012
Atlanta, Georgia
June 3 -6, 2012
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New! Seam Tracker™
Arc Products™ Seam Tracker™ System image Arc Products™ tactile seam tracking systems deliver precise automated weld joint tracking for submerged arc and GMAW arc welding processes.
Ideal for repetitive welding applications, these systems are recommended over manual and semiautomatic welding to improve quality and consistency while reducing operational costs.
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STT® Prevails in Snow, Rain and Shine at Ayrshire
Ayrshire application image The job: A major exterior service line expansion at an industrial gas separation plant serving Cleveland’s steel industry. The time frame: Six months. The scope: A labyrinth of exterior piping, ranging in diameter from 6 inches to 30 inches, requiring more than 700 weld joints.
The question: How do you make such a massive project as time-effective and cost-effective as possible?
It's a daunting task even in the best of conditions, but the welding pros at Ayrshire Inc., a Chardon, Ohio-based industrial and piping contractor, accepted the challenge and succeeded.
For years, pipe fabricators have sought a faster, easier welding method than TIG (GTAW) and stick (SMAW) welding to make single-sided root welds on pipe.  Ayrshire welders have discovered both in the shop and in the field that Surface Tension Transfer® (STT®) from Lincoln Electric is the answer.

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Welding on Race Cars
Car image
Similar to every passenger car that is manufactured, race cars incorporate thousands of welds.  However, in this case every weld is painstakingly hand fabricated.
NASCAR® teams spend hundreds of hours welding the frame, middle section and front and rear clips that make up each of their car frame kits. These components have to perform under extreme speeds and conditions, making weld integrity crucial.
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Going Ape for Welding at the Zoo
Zoo image The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is home to more than 9,000 animals representing 675 species.  A recreational and education destination that includes the 22-acre Zoombezi Bay water park and 18-hole Safari Golf Club, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium hosts more than two million visitors annually and was named the #1 Zoo in America by USA Travel Guide.
With a total footprint of 582 acres, 100 of which are exhibits and public spaces, maintenance and new development are vital to the long term sustainability of the Zoo. The maintenance department fields more than 4,000 work requests a year, many of which require welding.
The welders on staff rely on a Lincoln Electric Ranger® Engine Driven Welder and 140 amp POWER MIG® welder for jobs in remote locations, and a 300 amp POWER MIG® unit for pieces that are brought to their warehouse facility.

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New, Simpler Upgrade Program for Virtual Reality Welding System
Motorsports garage virtual welding environment image Lincoln Electric has simplified and improved the upgrade program for the VRTEX® 360, a software-based weld training system that immerses the student in a virtual reality environment complete with sight, sound, and tactile sensations. The program changes include an easier ordering and sales process and a broadened eligibility for choosing upgrade options.
Independent, or a la carte upgrade releases enable users to purchase VRTEX® 360 upgrade features based on their specific needs. Each upgrade contains a bundle of features that the customer can review and evaluate prior to purchasing. Users have the option to purchase or skip the upgrade if it does not fit into their welding training program.

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How I Did It:  Security Bars
Security Bars 1 image (click to view larger image) Security Bars 2 image (click to view larger image)
John Cerejo fabricated these window security bars for a business owner whose store was located in a high-crime area.  The owner wanted the peace-of-mind the bars would bring, but he didn't want the store to look like a jail.
The materials included 3/4-inch solid box steel and 2.5-inch x 0.25-inch angle.  John used a Lincoln Electric POWER MIG® 256 wire feeder welder for the project.
The above project images and descriptions have been published to show how individuals used their ingenuity for their own needs, convenience and enjoyment. Only limited details are available and the projects have NOT been engineered by the Lincoln Electric Company. Therefore, when you use the ideas for projects of your own, you must develop your own details and plans and the safety and performance of your work is your responsibility.
Got Projects? Send them to us at: newsletter@lincolnelectric.com
Please attach JPG or GIF photos to your email. Also, don't forget to tell us the story - what you built, how you built it and what Lincoln Electric products you used!
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