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Wall Clock

Paul Via wanted a large clock to hang on the fireplace chimney in his home.  He decided a 30-inch diameter wall clock project would be a great way to give his Lincoln Electric Weld-Pak® 140HD wire feeder welder a workout.

He used 1/4-inch round mild steel rod for the inner and outer circles and 5/16-inch round rod for the numbers.  The center housing was cut from 4-inch exhaust pipe and the lid was cut from sheet steel.  Four 1/8-inch steel rods attach the inner and outer circles to the clock center.

The hands and movement were purchased; a single "C" cell battery powers the mechanism.

The clock was finished with semi-gloss black paint.

Paul wrote, "It's difficult to express in words the amount of enjoyment I get from using the welder.  I only wish I had discovered welding many years ago."

Ring fixture (click to view larger image) Welding numbers to rings (click to view larger image) Finished clock (click to view larger image)
The above project images and descriptions have been published to show how individuals used their ingenuity for their own needs, convenience and enjoyment. Only limited details are available and the projects have NOT been engineered by the Lincoln Electric Company. Therefore, when you use the ideas for projects of your own, you must develop your own details and plans and the safety and performance of your work is your responsibility.

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